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Original Designs

Inspirational Ideas

Design Philosophy

Design is at the heart of everything we do. We firmly believe that good design is the essential starting point in the creation of any garden, but especially so if you want the garden to meet all your needs. Good garden design will help you to make more of your outside space – both aesthetically, as well as on a practical or functional level.

Whether your dream is to create a family garden for everyone to enjoy, a chic outdoor room for entertaining, or the complete renovation of a neglected plot, our garden design services will ensure you achieve your dreams.

Modern or traditional, formal or informal, our highly personalised garden design services will give you: an attractive garden for entertaining family and friends; a space from which to escape the stresses of every-day life and reconnect with nature, or an inspiring garden that is a stylish extension of your home. Whatever your garden aspirations, we can help.

Employing a consultative approach, we never forget that it’s your garden. Our expertise lies in interpreting your aspirations, developing your ideas into a dream garden that meets all your needs. Equally, if you feel overwhelmed by your garden and don’t know where to begin, our garden design solutions will ensure you achieve a space that you’ll relish spending time in.

We have the garden that we always wanted, a place where we can relax and watch the seasons changing. We love looking at it and being in it.

Design principles


Where it all begins, we translate your wishes into creative garden solutions


Attention to detail ensures the garden design can be delivered exactly as planned


We go the extra mile to ensure our clients are happy with the work we do


We select landscaping materials and plants that bring out the best in the design

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